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It was about a year before I got into the concrete lifting business I came across a video on the internet of guys lifting concrete and it seemed like some cool technology and didn’t think much more about it. Not long after that I noticed my dad had some spots at his house that had settled a little bit, his concrete was about 20 years old but still in great shape. He didn’t want to replace just a few panels and have mismatching concrete, he wasn’t excited about spending a ton of money for removing and replacing the slabs either.

I told him about concrete lifting and he thought that was a cool concept that is about where it ended. Well, a few weeks later I was working not far from my parents’ house, and was driving by in the middle of the day and saw some guys lifting a driveway just down the street. I stopped and talk to them for a few minutes and asked them to give my dad an estimate and pointed which house was his. They were reluctant to go over and look at the job and just said they thought with what I told them it would be a minimum charge job. Needless to say they flaked out and never got anywhere with them. A few days later just five houses down I saw a completely different company doing the same work, I talked to them roughly having the exact same experience. I was blown away by the lack of customer service.

Finally after my dad got stood up again on a bid (wasting half his Saturday waiting) and I had called a few places, and never could get a physical body to go to my parents’ house to give him a bid, a  polyurethane concrete lifting company finally came down, gave a bid, my dad gave him the okay, and he had it all fixed and was gone in less than 2 hours. Through this experience I learned a few things. First, I learned that customer service was horrible in this industry (maybe just construction in general), and I knew that I was good with people.

I also learned or it occurred to me that either these guys were all bad with customer service, or they are so busy they couldn’t handle all the work. I figured it could be a little bit of both. Being a communications major in public relations I thought I could bring a different taste to the industry. I continued to research the industry for about 6 months, and with each month working out my business plan getting closer to pulling the trigger to get Landmark Lifting off the ground. Finally in February of 2015 we bought our equipment, and we were off to the races. After a few months of figuring out how to overcome the learning curve of lifting concrete with a polyurethane machine we have become extremely effective in helping people fix their concrete in a cost effective manner.

We love working with people, and look forward to working with you. We want to deliver the most professional service with the highest quality available in our field. Our innovative tools, and techniques help our customers save money.  We look forward to working with you!