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As I have been operating the concrete lifting business over the past several years now, concrete replacement and placing new concrete is something that comes up regularly, maybe every day. I have attempted in the past to include it, having guys I know do the work so I can be a one-stop shop for my customers. For me, it never felt right because I didn’t like not being in control over the schedule of people who didn’t actually work for me. If a guy didn’t show up or didn’t do the quality work I had expected it was also a direct reflection on me as well, which was too much for me to stomach.

About a year ago I slowly and organically built a relationship with a group of guys that do concrete work at a high level. They are very professional and think like I do. They spend most of their time doing commercial and high-end residential work on several of the homes featured in Parade Of Homes. I liked this as those jobs often require the highest level of expertise and quality. I did a job or two with them and tested the waters if you will. Slowly we have done more and more and the consistency has been great!

So, why not just call these guys or any other concrete company and work with them directly and save money? This is one of my main hurdles as I went into this. I wanted to make sure my pricing was still competitive. The advantage for them is they don’t have to sell as I arrange and manage the project, while they just have to come in and do the work. This way, I get pricing that is competitive with any other company. I always tell my customers to get other bids as well so they can make the right decision.

Price is one aspect of making a decision on who to hire to do work at your home. Other factors that are important include the following:

  • Do they show up to give a bid and do the work?
  • Is the price reasonable?
  • Can you work with their personality and are they someone you want to work with?
  • Are they trustworthy?
  • Do you think they will get you to the finish line on the project and stand behind the work?

These are all things on the concrete lifting side of the business that have propelled us to where we are today, and we fully intend to extend each of those things as we incorporate concrete installation, removal, and replacement.

Our customers appreciate the education they get along the way and the communication from beginning to end. I hope this personal message finds you well and gives an explanation of how we are operating our concrete division at Landmark Lifting in Utah. The economy is pretty crazy, it is hard to get a contractor to call you back, and even harder to find one that will come out and do a good job, and a clean job and image at that! That is my goal in what we are trying to provide.