Can my Concrete Be Lifted?

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every time I get phone calls for job estimates people are concerned that their concrete cannot be lifted. Part of it is because concrete lifting is kind of uncommon. When we go to a job the main things I am looking for that I will not lift are when concrete has settled and slid underneath stairs or another slab. You cannot slide concrete back to where it was therefore that is something that I would suggest be removed and replaced. Another type that I look for is when there are tree roots involved and it has actually made the concrete heave. Sometimes we can lift the other panels around the high panel of concrete to take care of the trip hazards but we cannot warranty that work due to the trees continuing to grow and the concrete heaving more. There are always your one in a million type situations where it is just unwise to lift concrete but those are few and far between and very situational. 95% of the time when we come to a job to bid work the work can be done and is a fairly easy solution. If your concrete needs to be lifted don’t hesitate, call a few professionals to get quotes from and make sure you understand the differences of concrete lifting whether it is polyurethane foam or mudjacking.