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Importance of Correct Concrete Installation

Concrete installation must be done correctly, especially living in Utah where we have a freeze/thaw cycle and lots of soil types that are less than stable. Ideally, when preparing to install concrete, we cut the grade down to about 8”.This allows Landmark to bring in suitable subgrade material in road base and gravel depending on the circumstance. Having a few inches of gravel below the concrete allows water to separate from the bottom of the concrete to prevent frost heave, which can wreak havoc on any type of concrete.

Preparing the Subgrade

Once the subgrade is prepped, we are ready to form the concrete. Landmark Lifting ensures the concrete is sloped in the right direction for drainage and that everything is up to code. We then place the concrete and screed, or level the concrete out to ensure enough in the right areas and that it is completely flat and ready to start working with. Our next step is to run a bull float over the top to smooth and bring moisture out of the concrete and to the surface.

Finishing Touches

We then run a corner trowel and steel trowel after that to begin smoothing. The key is to broom finish at just the right time when the concrete isn’t too wet or dry. Depending on the intended use for the concrete, you might do a light broom finish or a heavier broom finish for more grip if that is what is needed.

Post-Installation Care

Once the concrete is finished, our team can come back the next day and strip forms that could not be stripped that same day. If we didn’t install control joints (break lines) in the concrete while we were finishing, we could also come the next day and make soft cuts or control joints we cut in with a concrete saw. Both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the scenario.

Curing and Maintenance

Try to wait at least a week until you drive a small vehicle on it and usually about 21 days for a full-strength cure time. Concrete technically shouldn’t ever have ice melt placed on it, but during the first year after installation, it is critical to avoid salt to prevent the top layer of the concrete from coming apart. After the first year, you can use driveway-safe, light-duty ice melt, but be careful and watch how the concrete reacts.

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