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Copperton, Utah

Founded in 1955, your beautiful hometown of Copperton, Utah was built to support the Bingham Canyon Mine. Now, with wide-open spaces and comparatively warmer weather than the rest of the Salt Lake Basin, Copperton is a beautiful place to live, a short drive from Salt Lake City. This great suburb is a beautiful place to raise a family, but despite its warmer climate, you still receive a large amount of snow and rainfall here each year. Because of this precipitation, it is not uncommon to see concrete slabs sinking into the ground. If one of your concrete slabs has started shifting or settling into the ground, the coming snowfall could put you and your loved ones at risk. Uneven concrete looks bad but it is also a trip hazard especially when it gets buried under leaves or snow. Landmark Lifting is here to take care of all of the concrete lifting in Copperton Utah, to make your property safer and more attractive.

Why Do Concrete Slabs Sink?

When a void opens up under concrete, the slabs start settling into it. Underground voids are common when native soil is disturbed to dig the foundations or basements of a new construction project, the holes are then backfilled with looser dirt and then tamped down, but it can’t match the compression of the soil around it. Mixing dirt of different densities, then placing it under the constant pressure of a slab of concrete, can cause the ground to settle. If there’s been erosion on top of that, from rain and or snowmelt, can seep into the ground and wash away the looser dirt. The most common reason for erosion, however, isn’t the weather, it’s usually caused by broken underground water pipes. The pressurized flow of water has nowhere to go, so it saturates the ground and when it finally finds an escape route it washes away the loose dirt right out from under your concrete, creating an empty space, or a void.

How to Repair Sunken Concrete?

There are basically two options for fixing your sunken concrete:

  1. Break the slab into small pieces, cart them away, and then pour a new concrete slab.

  2. Hire us to drill a few dime-sized holes and raise your concrete slab back into its original place in a matter of minutes!

The first option is a headache! It’s not only expensive, but it also takes a lot of time to:

  • Break up the concrete
  • Remove the concrete
  • Fill the void with dirt
  • Compact the dirt
  • Frame the hole
  • Pour new concrete
  • Wait weeks for it to cure (in warm weather)

It is such an expensive hassle to fix, that many people decide it isn’t worth repairing their sunken concrete!

Option 2 is another story entirely, we can literally come to your home and be done in just 1 day. We drill a few dime-sized holes and inject our eco-friendly 2-part expansion foam, which will be cured and ready to hold weight within 15 minutes!

The second option is what we recommend and it only takes a few hours!



A pattern of dime-sized holes is drilled through the sunken concrete slabs.


Insert an air-tight tube, attach a hose from our pressurized injection system and inject our eco-friendly polyurethane expanding foam.


The tubes are removed and we patch the drill holes with cement. You're cement will be able to bare weight immediately!

Ready for even concrete in Copperton, Utah?

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