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If you’ve stubbed your toe for the last time on your uneven concrete, Landmark Lifting is here to help.

We’re ready to handle all of your concrete lifting in Salt Lake City, Utah, and regardless of the time of year, we’ll make your concrete driveways, patios, and walkways safer to use.

Why is my concrete sinking?

Uneven concrete is caused by voids opening up below concrete slabs. These holes are usually caused by different types and densities of dirt being mixed during the construction process, then being placed under the pressure of concrete slabs, the ground starts to settle. These mixtures of dirt are also susceptible to erosion. Both rain and snow can seep below the concrete to wash away the lightly packed dirt, but this isn’t the most common reason. Usually, if the concrete is sinking, there is an underground water pipe that has broken and the water has washed away the looser dirt from below.

What can I do to fix it?

There are 2 basic repair options for uneven concrete:

  1. Removing and re-pouring concrete slabs

  2. Lifting and leveling concrete back to its original position

The first option is time-consuming, expensive and almost impossible at some times of the year. The concrete has to be entirely broken up and carted away, then the hole needs to be filled and tamped down before it can be framed in and the new concrete can be poured. The concrete needs to cure for weeks, in mild to hot weather, undisturbed in order to cure. That’s a lot of trouble to go through for level concrete.

The second option is what we recommend and it only takes a few hours!



A pattern of dime-sized holes is drilled through the sunken concrete slabs.


Insert an air-tight tube, attach a hose from our pressurized injection system and inject our eco-friendly polyurethane expanding foam.


The tubes are removed and we patch the drill holes with cement. You're cement will be able to bare weight immediately!

Ready for even concrete in Salt Lake City, Utah?

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