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The Challenges of Concrete Removal

Concrete removal can be one of, if not the most difficult task in removing and replacing concrete. Oftentimes, if you aren’t removing all of the concrete, but only certain sections, you must be extremely careful pulling it out because you can chip and even break concrete that isn’t supposed to be removed. One of the most critical scenarios in which this happens is when you are replacing a pool deck and the coping is staying in (the coping is the edging or capping along the border of the swimming pool). Workers have to use extreme caution around the coping to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. Other examples would include replacing a driveway and not damaging the walkway or vice-versa.

Thickness Matters in Concrete Removal

Typically concrete is 4’’ thick. When concrete is that thick, it is relatively easy to break up and remove. Anything thicker than about 5’’ requires a larger cement saw to cut the entire way through and makes getting that concrete out so much more time-consuming and difficult. This also requires more material to be hauled off, increased costs in labor and dump fees, and more gravel to fill in the low areas.

Cost Fluctuations in Concrete Removal

If the estimated cost of a project is going to change, it’s typically going to be during the process of removing concrete. We will sometimes see pricing fluctuate to get the pad prepped the right way to repour the concrete. If we can put it back the same way it came out, it will be both the easiest and cheapest as well as use the least amount of new material. When you have to change the dirt and gravel etc., it can increase cost very quickly.

Need Concrete Removal? Call Landmark Lifting

At Landmark Lifting, we excel in concrete removal services for homeowners across Utah and Salt Lake County areas. Our skilled team is equipped to handle the most challenging removal tasks, ensuring your property remains undamaged and prepared for its next phase. Whether you need to clear old concrete from your patio, driveway, or walkways, we have the tools and expertise required. Reach out to us today to book an appointment and see how we can efficiently clear your space with our professional concrete removal services.

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