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The Inevitability of Concrete Replacement

Replacing concrete is quite common. Believe it or not, concrete, like all of us, gets old, cracks, sinks, fades, and becomes brittle. A joke owner Steve Idle likes to tell customers at bid time is “We can make two promises about concrete. Number one is that it will crack, and number two is no one will steal it.” We also like to tell people it is the cheapest landscaping they’ll ever do and that no one ever regretted pouring too much concrete.

Recognizing the Need for Concrete Replacement

When concrete gets so bad from sinking or cracking that concrete lifting, caulking, etc., isn’t a great option, you are left with only one option, and that is to replace it. Oftentimes, when concrete cracks to the point where it looks like a spider web, there is really no fixing that other than to replace it. Another scenario where replacement is needed is when the surface is flaking.

Smart Concrete Replacement Practices

Be mindful when you are replacing concrete that it is wise to spend a little more and do it right. Don’t replace nine out of the ten panels in your driveway because nothing is wrong with the one panel. Just replace all ten so it matches well and looks uniform. Concrete projects typically are not cheap repairs. You want to make sure you do them right and only have to do it one time. Don’t always go with the cheapest bid. Go with the contractor whom you connect with the best and feel the most confident will be a good communicator and stand behind their work.

Need Concrete Replacement?
Call Landmark Lifting

At Landmark Lifting, we are experts in concrete replacement for homeowners across the greater Utah and Salt Lake County areas. Our proficiency guarantees that your yard and outdoor spaces will be revitalized, ensuring both aesthetics and long-lasting functionality. If your patio, driveway, or walkways are showing signs of aging or damage, we have the solution. Reach out to us today to book an appointment and learn how we can upgrade your outdoor area with top-notch concrete replacement services.

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