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Do you need concrete sealing services?

I started the concrete lifting side of our business six years ago in hopes to provide great customer service by being a company you can actually get in contact with, and showing up to look at your project and complete your project when we say we will (fancy that). I attribute this to being able to stay in business and grow each year. Concrete lifting is a great alternative to replacing concrete when it makes sense and saves a lot of money, time, and heartache.

Through all of the jobs and projects we have seen and worked on over that time we have seen a need to do more things that can be preventative in concrete breaking down, flaking, cracking etc. We came across a company in Contec supply locally in Orem Utah where we were totally impressed by their knowledge and overall experience in concrete solutions. They have a product that addresses what we see so often in concrete breaking down in our extreme weather climates. Not only does it protect, but it hardens the PSI strength of the surface and doesn’t need to be applied every two years like its competitors.

We believe in this product so much so that I personally have installed it on my concrete at my personal home in Salem Utah. We look forward to helping you and others prevent and prolong the life of their concrete for years to come.

Professional Concrete Sealing in Utah

If you’re interested in concrete sealing in Utah for your garage floor, driveway, or other concrete surfaces, please contact Landmark Lifting today. We can provide you with additional information on our services when you get in touch with one of our professionals. With our help, your concrete surfaces can look their best and stay in good condition for many years to come!

Call us Today for a Free quote! (801) 383-0167

High-Quality Concrete Sealing Products

At Landmark Lifting, we use Contec Supply Densifier + Repeller to seal concrete surfaces. This product, which contains lithium silicate, helps seal the pores in concrete in order to protect these surfaces. CS Densifier + Repeller provides a number of advantages compared to other sealing products, including waterproofing internally and externally, being resistant to fading and peeling from UV rays, and increasing the strength of concrete. This sealing product also offers the following benefits:

Resistant to damage from freezing and thawing

Resistant to oil

Water repellent to lower the risk of moisture damage and mold or mildew growth

No special maintenance needed

Non-flammable, VOC compliant, and non-toxic

Quick curing time

Improves concrete’s resistance to cracks

Easier removal of ice from concrete surfaces

Benefits of Professional Concrete Sealing

Concrete surfaces are highly durable, but they can end up being damaged, worn down, or stained.

This can make concrete driveways, garage floors, and similar surfaces look unsightly or even become unsafe to walk or drive on. Damage to these surfaces, such as water damage, can also lead to unhealthy mold or mildew growth. Concrete sealing offers an effective way to keep your concrete surfaces looking as good as new while remaining in excellent condition over the years. Landmark Lifting offers concrete sealing in Utah using high-quality products.

While concrete sealing might seem like a job that homeowners can do on their own, there are important benefits to having this done professionally.

This kind of task involves choosing the right products and knowing how to properly seal your concrete surfaces. The surfaces being sealed must also be cleaned and prepared the right way in order for concrete sealing to work effectively. It’s also important to ensure that sealing is not done on surfaces that are dirty or on surfaces that have any standing water. Having professionals from Landmark Lifting handle this task for you ensures that your garage floor and other concrete surfaces will stay in good shape for years.

We use top-of-the-line products that provide concrete with as much protection as possible.

Some of the threats to your concrete include water damage, oil spills, UV damage, freezing temperatures, and more. Our premium products can be used on both old and new concrete to keep surfaces durable and safe from wear and tear, as well as other types of damage. Our professionals know all of the steps involved in sealing concrete surfaces for maximum protection. When you hire Landmark Lifting, you can count on us to provide you with quality workmanship.


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