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Thousands of pounds of concrete and cars sinking into a void under a driveway in Salt Lake City, UT.

Concrete driveway slabs are extremely heavy and with the added weight of vehicles on top of them, it’s important to have a firm foundation beneath them… but what if there isn’t? This Salt Lake City driveway is covering up a big secret, a huge void underground.

Void Under Driveway in Salt Lake City Utah | Landmark Lifting Salt Lace City Driveway Void-after

Before a driveway can be poured, the ground is leveled and tamped down to ensure that it is tightly packed and will support the added weight without shifting, but in many cases that isn’t enough. Erosion beneath the concrete, caused by a broken pipe or years of snowmelt and rainwater pooling and flowing where they can’t be seen.

This particular driveway had such a massive cavity underneath it that it took 300 cubic feet of our eco-friendly 2-part expansion foam and 8 hours of work to get the driveway supported and level again.

It is important that if you see a void forming under your concrete, or see your driveway, walkway or patio concrete sinking or shifting into the ground, you take action immediately! These problems get worse over time and become more dangerous. A trip hazard today can be property damage or injuries later.

If your business or home has uneven concrete, give Landmark Lifting a call and we’ll take care of it while keeping our distance from you and your family.

  1. We can inspect your concrete
  2. We can quickly fix it
  3. We can send you an email invoice without ever coming in contact with you or your family if you so choose.

Call Landmark Lifting today!