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Are you considering grinding your uneven concrete as a quick fix? We can fix it  quicker for real!

In Mapleton, Utah, we see a lot of uneven concrete, caused by underground voids. Voids can be caused by disturbed dirt and native dirt settling at different rates and erosion. If you try grinding down the protrusion, or trip hazard, eventually it will reappear.

Don't Grind Your Concrete Walkway, Lift It-1 Don't Grind Your Concrete Walkway, Lift It-2

As you can see in this particular situation, the homeowner tried grinding down the concrete protrusion, which helped for a while, but as the void continued to grow, the concrete sank even further.

If your business or home has uneven concrete, don’t just grind it down, give Landmark Lifting a call and we’ll take care of it for you in a matter of minutes.

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