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Driveway Cavity Causing Cars to Sink!

Here outside of Park City, Utah, we’ve spotted a driveway that started sinking into a new underground cavity. This is a really great visual because usually, voids under concrete aren’t visible, but in this case, we can see the effect of the erosion from the side of the driveway.

Driveway Cavity in Park City Utah Driveway-Cavity-in-Park-City-Utah--2

This kind of erosion is very common on driveways where there is a drop-off next to the driveway and the elements have direct access to the dirt underneath the concrete.

Concrete is heavy, especially with a car on top of it, and as these voids expand the concrete can go from uneven to sunken to cracked pretty quickly. It’s important to take action as soon as you spot a problem with your concrete.

If your home or business is dealing with uneven concrete, give Landmark Lifting a call and we’ll fix it for you right away. It takes minutes to raise and it is ready to hold weight within half an hour.

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