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Is your car sinking into the ground in Draper? We can help.

We found this driveway in Draper Utah, where the concrete is literally sinking into the ground. Concrete driveway slabs are extremely heavy, and with a car or 2 sitting on top of them, it makes sense that sometimes the ground underneath may start to shift.

Driveway Lifting in Draper Utah

Most driveways are set at an angle but this particular driveway was pretty level, and covered a lot of ground! Because of its size and weight it puts a lot of pressure on the ground underneath and when snowmelt, rain and water from broken pipes get into the dirt beneath it washes away the dirt and the concrete above begins to settle.

If your business or home has uneven concrete, give Landmark Lifting a call and we’ll take care of it while keeping our distance from you and your family.

  1. We can inspect your concrete
  2. We can quickly fix it
  3. We can send you an email invoice without ever coming in contact with you or your family.

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