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What is eco-friendly, expands to fill empty space and won’t leach chemicals into the groundwater?

At Landmark Lifting, we care about Utah’s ecosystem and the beauty and safety of our neighbors’ homes. That’s why we use products that are made in the U.S.A. Our specially designed polyurethane foam is different from other foams and spray-foams.

  1. Our polyurethane foam is made from 40% recycled materials
  2. Our polyurethane foam has the smallest carbon footprint in the industry
  3. Our polyurethane foam doesn’t leach chemicals into the ground or groundwater

How Landmark Lifting is eco-friendly and reduces waste in Utah landfills

Due to our green practices, we not only use an eco-friendly foam with recycled materials as almost half of its ingredients, but we also prevent the waste of concrete. If a person finds a void or a cavity beneath their concrete slab, the alternative to void filling is:

  • Breaking the slab into pieces
  • Carting the chunks of concrete to the landfill
  • Filling the void with dirt
  • Compacting and leveling the dirt
  • Pouring new concrete

This alternative is very expensive for the customer, takes days to get through the steps and between weeks and months for it to cure enough to withstand pressure, and puts a lot of nondegradable material into landfills. Our company has saved more than 100,000 concrete slabs from landfills by lifting and leveling concrete slabs instead of replacing them.

At Landmark Lifting, we work hard to keep Utah clean and beautiful by keeping concrete out of landfills, reusing recyclable materials and keeping dangerous chemicals out of the soil and water. If you’ve got a slab that needs to be lifted or leveled, our void filling technique is the most eco-friendly option on the market and is typically 50% the cost of removing and replacing your slab.

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