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How long does it take?

Most jobs can be done in 1-3 hours

How long do we have to stay off of it?

You can drive on it as soon as the work is done

How big are the holes?

5/8 in (dime sized) we patch with quickcrete when we’re done

Will the patches be ugly?

It matches new concrete, will be slightly lighter on older concrete, but should blend over time. We sometimes have a hard time finding the holes we drilled in the event that we return to a job

How long does the foam last?

The foam is a closed cell polyurethane, meaning that it is waterproof. The only thing that can break it down is UV rays. It will last as long as the concrete. ↓↓↓

Is there a warranty?

We warranty our work for 2 years on homes more than 10 years old. Newer homes are not covered as settling is to be expected for the first 5-10 years. We can guarantee the quality of our product, but the behavior of the soil can not be predicted.

On homes newer than 10 years, if we need to return we can usually touch up the work for much less, and will charge for material used, not the minimum price.

Do you do foundation work?

We are not equipped to lift a sunken foundation. In some cases, if there is an exposed void, we can spray in to stabilize it. This is rare.

Do you seal cracks?

No. We recommend a product called sikaflex for diy crack sealing (usually around $15-20 per tube) Casey (from the crew) does it on the side and you can talk to him about it when he does the job. We also recommend work from The Driveway Company.

What kind of access/machinery is required?

The lifting process is noninvasive, and runs self sufficiently from our sprinter van. As long as we can drag our 300ft hose to the area, we can do it. No electrical or water access is required.

How do you know that the void is filled?

The amount of material injected is based on the depth of the void. We gauge the depth when we drill through the concrete, and fill as needed. In most cases the goal is not necessarily to fill the void completely, but to create pillars of support underneath the concrete.

How long have you been in business?

Established in 2015.


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