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Walkway Sinking into Your Front Lawn? Our Concrete Lifting Service can Save Your Concrete & Your Toes!

In Cedar Hills, Utah, we found a walkway that has sunk several inches below its driveway. Concrete walkway lifting is an essential service, to keep your family safe, especially as much time as we are all spending at home these days.

Lifting Sunken Concrete Walkway | Cedar Hills | Landmark Lifting Lifting Sunken Concrete Walkway in Cedar Hills Utah-2


Concrete is heavy, even small slabs like these walkway sections put a lot of pressure on the ground beneath them. If erosion has begun below the surface from snowmelt, rain, or water from broken pipes and you notice it in a small space, taking quick preventative measures can prevent it from spreading to your driveway, patio, or even your foundation. 

If your home or business has uneven concrete, call Landmark Lifting today and we’ll take care of it while keeping our distance from you and your family.

  1. We can inspect your concrete on our own.
  2. We can quickly fix it on our own.
  3. We can send you an email invoice.

Call us today!