Polyurethane Foam

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Polyurethane foam works great in Utah and other states. it is a part A part B chemical that combines at the tip of a gun that is being injected underneath a slab of concrete. the chemical reaction is both heat, and expansion. Foam can expand by 50% or more and does this in 10 to 15 seconds. Over the course of about 15 minutes the polyurethane foam reaches full hardness and can be driven over the top of etc. Utah is a great state for concrete lifting and void filling by using polyurethane foam, or even mudjacking if needs be. Weather in Utah doesn’t really effect the polyurethane foam in Utah because it is hydrophobic so the water doesn’t really break the foam down, the biggest killer to the foam is UV light, and where it is under a slab of concrete it will never see the light of the sun so it doesn’t really effect its density over time. Polyurethane foam has stood the test of time and it comparably light compared to mudjacking so you are not increasing load bearing to an already unstable place of material. a 5/8” hole is drilled and the foam is injected through the top of the slab and after it is patched. over time the weather in Utah can age the patch and help it blend better with the other concrete thus making it almost impossible to tell where the concrete was patched in the first place. so when thinking about fixing your concrete in Utah or any other state, remember that using polyurethane foam is an excellent choice, and that mudjacking is always another choice as well, both saving you time, and money.