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If the winter has caused your concrete to shift, you need to call Steve Idol, with Landmark Lifting.

Winter snow can have a big impact on the stability of concrete slabs and sidewalks. It can:

  • Saturates the soil under and around concrete with water
  • Insulates the ground, keeping the moisture in
  • Makes the wet soil shift and settle under the weight of the concrete

When voids or cavities form under concrete, concrete slabs begin to sink into them, sometimes cracking under their unsupported weight and tipping into the ground.

How can you repair concrete shifting?

Before the concrete sinks or slips too far into the ground, we can come out and fill the void with our two-part expanding foam mixture, which will fill the void and lift the concrete back to its original position.

Our polyurethane foam is Eco-friendly and will not leach chemicals into the ground or groundwater. It sets up in about 15 minutes and can be driven on immediately afterward.

The alternative to a few hours of our work and 15minutes of wait time is a week of demo and construction and 1-2 months of treading softly for new concrete to cure entirely. That method includes:

  1. Breaking up the concrete into small pieces
  2. Carting the pieces to the dump
  3. Filling the void with dirt and compacting the dirt
  4. Framing around the area to be poured
  5. Pouring new concrete
  6. Waiting for weeks before putting weight on the new concrete
  7. Finally being able to drive and park on it after well over a month

Do you have a void below your concrete?

Keep an eye on your concrete while you’re walking around your property and you should be able to see the signs of a void. Are there any uneven sections of concrete? Can you see a black space in the crack between two adjoining concrete slabs? can you see any voids from the side of any of your concrete? Check your downspouts, if they’re running with water, there is moisture in the ground.

If you think you see any of these signs, give us a call and we’ll come and take care of your problem for you.