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Stairs sinking in Lehi UT

By March 23, 2020 No Comments

A Staircase is Sinking and Causing a Trip Hazard

In Lehi, we’ve just lifted 5 steps of a 6 step concrete staircase leading to a home’s front door.

Stairs sinking in Lehi UT Stairs sinking in Lehi UT-2

All a staircase needs to become a trip hazard, is 1/8 of an inch difference in the height of 1 stair? The higher the stairscase the greater the danger to family and visitors, especially those carrying groceries or kids up the stairs! That is not a stress you need on your consience. This staircase had a 3″ drop!

If your home or business is dealing with uneven concrete, give Landmark Lifting a call and we’ll fix it for you right away. It takes minutes to raise and it is ready to hold weight within half an hour.

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