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When you have voids under your concrete due to soil settling, it’s important to have leveling or concrete lifting done to correct this. Otherwise, you can end up with cracks or other damage in your concrete as it settles into these voids. Concrete replacement with a new concrete pour used to be a common way to handle this problem. However, now concrete lifting provides distinctive benefits over concrete replacement. Here’s why:

1. Short Timeframe 

When you want to have settling problems corrected in a shorter time frame, concrete lifting offers a big advantage over concrete replacement. Having concrete replaced with a new pour can take between one and four days to do overall. This might be inconvenient for you and your family when you’re having a new pour done at your home. If you have a commercial building, you might need to close your business, or at least limit access to it, while concrete replacement is being done.

Concrete lifting cuts this time down considerably for residential and commercial buildings. In fact, it takes between one and four hours to complete a concrete lifting job. At Landmark Lifting, we drill small holes in sunken concrete slabs and then inject polyurethane foam into these holes. Full expansion only takes about 15 seconds to occur, and your concrete is ready to bear weight again right away.

2. Fast Curing 

Concrete lifting provides exceptionally fast curing, unlike concrete replacement. When you have a new concrete pour done due to voids or other settling problems, it can take weeks or even months for it to fully cure. Temperature and weather conditions can lead to even longer curing times. It also requires no driving on the new concrete for 2 weeks, so it’s a huge inconvenience for driveways and garages.

Concrete lifting takes less than 20 minutes to cure. Once it’s completely cured, your concrete will be able to hold thousands of pounds. Rather than having to wait weeks or months for this to happen, you only have to wait minutes for your concrete to be ready for use.

3. Cost-effective and Eco-friendly 

Concrete lifting can typically be done for about half the cost of concrete replacement since it requires less time and labor overall. This can lead to significant savings for you as a homeowner or commercial property owner.

When you choose Landmark Lifting, you’ll also have concrete lifting done that’s eco-friendly. We use a specially formulated polyurethane expanding foam to fill voids and level concrete. This eco-friendly foam contains 40 percent recycled materials and does not contain any chemicals that will seep into the groundwater or soil.

High-Quality Concrete Lifting in Utah 

If you need more information on concrete lifting for your personal property or business, please contact Landmark Lifting today. We provide effective concrete lifting services throughout the greater Salt Lake Valley and Utah County areas. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.