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How to prevent your kids from tripping over your uneven concrete sidewalk

Uneven concrete sidewalks, like this trip hazard, cause little frustrations in warm weather, when your little kids catch their toes on it, but as it gets colder and gets covered up by leaves and snow it can become more dangerous.

Fixing these trip hazards requires getting to the root of the problem, not just grinding down the high side and hoping the low side doesn’t sink deeper… because it will. These concrete problems are caused by underground voids. Voids can be created by disturbed dirt and native dirt settling at different rates, or by erosion. If the void isn’t filled, it will continue to get worse.

How to Fix a Trip Hazard in Uneven Concrete Sidewalks| Alpine UT

What does it take to fix a trip hazard like this?

The best way to fix this particular problem is to drill a little hole in the top, stick in a nozzle, and pump in our eco-friendly expansion foam. Our team can eliminate this type of problem in as little as 15 minutes and when we leave, it will be cured and ready to bear weight.

If your business or home has uneven concrete, don’t ignore it, give Landmark Lifting a call and we’ll take care of it for you in a matter of minutes.

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