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How worried do you need to be about trip hazards in your concrete?

Most people know if there is a trip hazard in their yard after you catch your toe once on a piece of uneven paving or concrete, you remember it; even toddlers remember and can watch out for trip hazards they’ve fallen over in the past. A trip hazard is technically any portion of the ground that is not level, anything a person can trip over.

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Legal Definition & Ramifications of a Trip Hazard

Did you know that there was a legal definition of a trip hazard? Legally, anything greater than a quarter of an inch can be considered a trip hazard. If you own the property with an offending trip hazard on the property, you can be held liable for injuries caused and medical costs incurred by victims. I know, it’s not a pleasant thought, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Trip Hazard Repair

The best, fastest and most affordable way to get rid of a trip hazard on your walkway, driveway or other concrete surface is concrete leveling. We start by identifying the placement of the cavity or “void” beneath your concrete, and then we:

  • Drill a dime-sized (⅝”) hole in your concrete
  • Insert an air-tight tube
  • Attach a hose from our pressurized injection system to the tube
  • Inject our eco-friendly polyurethane expanding foam
  • Remove the tube
  • Patch the dime-sized hole

Our work can be finished in as little as 30 minutes and will be fully cured within minutes after we’re done and can even be driven on at that point! This is a simple and effective solution to voids and trip hazards.

The alternative, on the other hand, is expensive, time-consuming and aggravating; the alternative is replacing your concrete. Replacing concrete starts with several days of demolition, cleanup, placing and packing new dirt and finally pouring the concrete. After that, you get to wait up to 2-3 months for it to finally finish curing to the point that it can take weight without marring. Finally and most importantly, replacing your concrete slab will cost you twice as much as it costs to lift your concrete.

The solution is clear, call Landmark Lifting to help you repair your concrete toe catchers before they have a chance to hurt anyone.


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