Trip Hazard

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A trip hazard is technically anything not level that one could trip on when walking. legally anything greater than a quarter of an inch can be considered a trip hazard and if you own the property can be held liable for injury costs etc. concrete lifting is an excellent choice and a cost effective choice when wanting to fix trip hazards in Utah and other states. it can be done in as little as 30 min or less. it can be done using polyurethane foam, or even mudjacking. polyurethane foam uses a small 5/8” hole and inject foam underneath the slab leveling the concrete slab out, after the concrete has reached the desired height then the hole is patched with concrete and is as if nothing had ever been drilled. sometimes voids develop under concrete slabs and those need to be filled in as well to fix the trip hazards, but in any situation concrete lifting can save a lot of time, money, and health in some cases, so don’t hesitate, fix your trip hazards today in Utah or any other state.