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What to do if you have an uneven patio concrete slab

Welcome to Sandy Utah. Today’s home as an extensive concrete pad running from the driveway in the front yard, around the side of the garage and into the back yard. There is a lot of concrete on this property and that means that there is a lot of weight resting on the dirt and foundations underneath the concrete.

When houses are built, the ground is graded and leveled, which involves taking some dirt from one area and packing it in, in other areas. Mixing loose dirt with dirt that has settled naturally is a little like pouring sand in next to clay, it’s not going to be as strong. That new dirt is usually the cause of underground voids, and those are where problems with concrete begin.

Voids under concrete are caused by:

  • Loose dirt settling and compacting over time
  • Snow and rain eroding loose dirt away
  • A broken pipe underground that washes the dirt away

The last is by far the most common, as broken pipes deliver a concentrated stream of pressurized water, and will continue until the problem is noticed.

Thankfully, at this home, the damage hadn’t spread too far and we were able to drill a few dime-sized holes in the sunken concrete slab and inject our eco-friendly expansion foam under the concrete. As our foam expands, in a matter of seconds, the concrete is evenly and safely raised back to its original height. Within 15 minutes, the concrete was firm and stable, the underground void was filled and the patio was ready to bear weight again!

If you’ve got uneven concrete around your home or office, or inside a warehouse, it can be a potential trip hazard and if left alone the problem can spread. Call Landmark Lifting to schedule your consultation and get your concrete lifted quickly and permanently at a great price.